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Stop Saying User Experience

“It’s a great time to be a UX Designer” is how Jared Spool opens his trademark talk. And he’s right. 15 years ago it was important to be online, embracing the technological changes that captured our attention with the internet. 10 years ago being innovative was all the rage. Everyone had to find a new way to do the things that had all been dully doing by hand in the real world. About 5 years ago or so, the UX “revolution” really picked up steam. We started celebrating each others’ successes as a community. We extolled the benefits of good interaction design. We started correcting people […]

Midwest UX 2013 – Grand Rapids is Amazing

I write this still sitting in Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids (so alas, no brunch for me) at a hotel near the airport. This year was my third year at Midwest UX. I’m not from the Midwest (although family members do hail from Ohio). I don’t live in the Midwest, but in 2011 a friend and co-worker at the time, Andrew Hinton said that there was this crazy, intimate little conference that’s going to happen in Columbus, OH & that I should go. Columbus? Seriously? Well, it’s inexpensive. Why not… I recall that reaction mainly because when I heard […]

Not Taking UX for Granted

Originally published at Giant UX Each time I’ve started a new project with a new client, or started at a new company, it’s been under the impression that the company was hiring me to create a better experience for a website, software, or something related.  Typically, that’s also been coupled with a different opinion of how that will be achieved.  What defines a user experience varies from organization to organization.  There’s even a difference of opinion in how to refer to it… UX, design, CD, CXD… the list goes on.  And honestly, I think that makes sense. If a group […]