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Creative Leadership Isn’t for Everyone… and That’s Okay

Originally published at GiantUX I’ve experienced three distinct types of leadership in my career; business, technology, and creative.  Most leaders are business leaders, coming from a finance or business administration background.  Business leaders are critical to the success of… well, business.  They understand finance. They understand human resources. They understand capitalism, supply & demand and finding the right products for the right consumers.  Necessary, right?  Completely. Technology leaders are the backbone of most tech-oriented companies and startups.  They keep teams of programmers, DBA’s and network admins on task and working toward a common goal.  Technology leaders are great at what […]

Hey. I want to get into UX…

Over time I’ve been asked once or twice what people should “start looking at” if they “want to get into UX.”  I’m not trying to call this list definitive or somehow say that this is the only list that would ever be helpful.  I also consider this a starting point and there’s a heavy emphasis on self-learning through this.  I highly recommend conversation with people in the field in order to get some better context on anything you read. It’s also worth noting this is a significant list because this isn’t a one-size-fits-all, take a 12 hour course, and you’re […]

Complex or Complicated:
The Importance of Developing Common Language

“While shared understanding may always be an asymptote, striving for it is the mark of designer as facilitator.” – Erik Dahl (@eadahl) “Precise language is lost if all don’t share the subtleties of meaning…” – Will Sansbury (@willsansbury) The Need for Common Language Common language has to be developed for almost any collaborative project to work. As soon as you have a team, instead of a person, communication becomes the cornerstone of everything you do. Pairing works much better once a common language is developed; without it, two people will sit together, but work independently. Once they develop a common language, a shared […]