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Finding the Zen in Giving a Sh*t

Warning: What follows is a rant where I repeatedly generalize about people who identify themselves with a “User Experience” or “Experience” label, but I’m typically referring to myself. I justify the generalization only by the fact that so many of the people who make up the community that is “User Experience” often share many of the same traits that I do, empathy foremost among them. One of the hardest things I find about work in User Experience is balancing it. Not the work. Not the solutions. Not the lack of humanity dying for an overtly emotionally-supportive make-over. But the lack of […]

Why No One Has the Right Answer: UX

I don’t really know where I fall in any sort of spectrum regarding my opinion on this, but I do know what I think; how I interpret things. I have a fairly firm belief in a balance in all things creating a better whole.  As such, I expect any field I work with to have some percentage of both ends of a spectrum, and the shades of gray between them. I work in a User Experience group, but I fully believe in the idea that User Experience, by itself, isn’t *really* a discipline.  I’m of the mind that it’s a group of disciplines. […]

What I Heard (or Thought I Heard) at MidwestUX 2012

There’s a great collection of other write-ups, slide decks, hand-outs, sketch notes & notes and photos at This is… wow, a lot to read. I’ll forgive you if you don’t make it all the way through.  I’m not sure I would.  This is mostly based on my tweets (and retweets I grabbed from other people who can pay attention better than me), so if you were following during Midwest UX, you can probably skip reading this altogether.  Seriously. First of all, the good people at the Midwest UX staff outdid themselves in a big and serious way.  I honestly didn’t […]